Handulum Plus

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Play free Handulum Plus - Adventure Games

Discover "Handulum Plus", a thrilling new skill game available online that challenges your mastery of mouse handling and pendulum dynamics. With 30 levels of increasing difficulty and excitement, this game promises a unique and engaging experience. Let's delve into what makes Handulum Plus an exhilarating adventure!

In "Handulum Plus", your objective is to guide a green circle, attached to a pendulum, through various courses filled with obstacles and traps. The mechanics are simple yet require precision and control. Hold down the mouse button to grasp the pendulum and release it to initiate swings. Maneuver the pendulum through intricate shapes and structures to reach the green rod that marks the end of each level.

Be cautious of external boundaries and traps along the way. Colliding with these obstacles forces you to restart the level, adding to the challenge and excitement. As you advance through the game, each level presents new challenges, including complex configurations and tighter spaces to navigate. Enhance your mouse control and spatial awareness skills with each attempt. 

Precision and timing are key to successfully guiding the pendulum to its destination. Experience the satisfaction of mastering each level as you improve your ability to navigate the pendulum through intricate courses. Test your perseverance and determination by conquering all 30 levels of Handulum Plus. Each successful completion brings a sense of accomplishment and motivates you to tackle the next challenge.

Embark on an exciting journey with "Handulum Plus" right here on our website. Immerse yourself in this captivating skill game, perfecting your mouse handling and pendulum swinging techniques. Explore all 30 levels, overcome obstacles, and enjoy the thrill of victory with every level cleared. Stay tuned for more exciting games and updates as we continue to bring you the best in online entertainment! Enjoy your playtime and good luck guys!

How to play

Use the mouse.