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An exciting story based in outer space is coming and it's bringing amazing adventures. Space puzzles, space adventures, space fashion and dress-up challenges will be brought by Ella and all of her friends.

Explore the Interstellar Universe with Ella

Welcome boys and girls to this amazing new category of Interstellar Ella games. In this fascinating category you will get to know this amazing girl named Ella and you will play with her some amazing games of course all of them for free and online on this page and you can play them whenever you are in the mood for some interstellar fun with Ella. If you have seen this series, then you must know a few things about Ella and the story of the series. But if you haven’t seen it, that’s also okay because here you will find out everything you have to know about this series, about Ella and the games that you can play here. "Interstellar Ella" is a super cool TV show made by Adam Long, with help from Fabrique Fantastique and Apartment 11. It's like a magical cartoon adventure that you can watch on TV, and guess what? It's all about a fantastic girl named Ella who lives in the future, way, way ahead in the year 3021.

Picture this: Ella is not on Earth; she's on a space station floating between Mars and Jupiter in the Milky Way galaxy. How awesome is that? Ella, who is only seven years old, gets to play in a starry playground called 'The Milky Way.' It's not your regular playground – it's in space, filled with stars and planets. Ella is like a little explorer, always eager to find out what's out there in the universe.

Ella is not alone in her space adventures. She has two awesome friends, Slippy, who is a native of space, and Madhu, who is from another planet. Together, they go on the coolest adventures ever! They do things that no one has ever done before, like surfing on exploding stars called supernovas, riding on comets, and even racing super cool Moon Scooters around Saturn's rings. Can you imagine how fun that must be? What makes Ella so special is that she's not just having fun; she's also learning important things about herself. Each adventure is like a big puzzle, and Ella figures out a little bit more about who she is with every challenge that comes her way. It's not always easy, but Ella faces everything with a big smile because she's not just any Ella – she's Interstellar Ella! So, whenever you want a mix of excitement, friendship, and a touch of space magic, just tune in to "Interstellar Ella" and join the fun!

Friends from the Interstellar Universe

"Interstellar Ella" is an awesome show with cool characters that make it super fun for you, kids. Let's meet the main friends who make the space adventures so exciting: Ella is the star of the show and the leader of the gang. She's only seven years old, but she's like a dynamo full of energy and curiosity. Living on a space station between Mars and Jupiter in the year 3021, Ella is always ready for a new adventure. She's the one who guides her friends through amazing discoveries and daring escapades.

Slippy, the playful space friend, is not just any friend – he's a space native, which makes him super unique. He's playful and loves having fun in space. Whether he's surfing on exploding stars or exploring asteroid fields, Slippy's energy keeps the adventures exciting and lively. Madhu, the alien explorer, is from another planet, and that makes her really cool. She brings an alien perspective to the group, and with her amazing abilities and sense of wonder, she adds a touch of mystery to their adventures. Together with Ella and Slippy, Madhu goes on thrilling journeys, showing how awesome friendship can be, even across planets.

In "Interstellar Ella," you'll meet all sorts of characters – from funny space creatures to wise cosmic mentors. Each one adds something special to the story, making it even more interesting. It's like a big space family with lots of friends from different parts of the galaxy. Of course, every hero needs a challenge! Ella and her friends face cosmic villains and tricky obstacles. They have to navigate through asteroid storms and outsmart mischievous space creatures. These challenges test Ella's strength and the strong bonds she shares with her space buddies. As you watch "Interstellar Ella," you'll see these characters grow and learn important lessons about friendship, courage, and discovering who they really are. So, get ready for a space adventure with Ella and her friends – it's going to be out-of-this-world awesome! A cosmic playtime

As you can see, this series called Interstellar Ella is all about adventure, so you will experience a lot of adventure in the games as well. You will find all kinds of amazing games that will make your playtime so fun and will take you to another universe. For example, there is an amazing game called "Special Delivery", an exhilarating game in the Interstellar Ella games category. You will control a space scooter to help Ella collect space rocks from planets and moons, avoiding obstacles and treacherous terrain. Use keyboard arrows or on-screen buttons to navigate, dodging damage from pits and space pollution. Progress through challenging courses, showcasing precision and skill to complete Ella's special deliveries. The game is part of the free Interstellar Ella Games series, offering thrilling adventures where you can experience the cosmic journey and assist Ella in her interstellar missions. Enjoy the game and anticipate more exciting adventures in the series!

Who is Ella in the Interstellar Ella series?

Ella is the main character, a seven-year-old interstellar explorer.

What is the Interstellar Ella series about?

The Interstellar Ella series follows the adventures of Ella, as she embarks on interstellar journeys.

Who are Ella's best friends?

Ella's best friends are Slippy and Madhu.

How many seasons does the Interstellar Ella series have?

The Interstellar Ella series has 2 seasons.

When did Interstellar Ella premiere?

October 31, 2022