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Play free Racer Workshop - Interstellar Ella Games

We of course hope you already know the Interstellar Ella cartoons because than you will surely be very curious to try out all the Interstellar Ella games here on our site, because than you already know that they are super fun and interesting, after all you get to play games with actual astronauts in space so the games with them can only be super fun and interesting. 

So if you know the characters of Interstellar Ella, well you better believe that you have the chance to become even closer to them here on our site in this brand new Racer Workshop game which you actually get to play with Slippy, Slippy is the one who is going to take you though the workshop and show you everything and then even go with you on space adventures.

Right from the title of the game, Racer Workshop, you can tell that you are about to race in this new Interstellar Ella game and right from the beginning of the game you are going to be in the workshop of Slippy, he is going to show you every piece of equipment you have available for your little spaceship, their power and how you can use them. 

After you have used the equipment and assembled your little spaceship, you can go on a space adventure and you will of course need to pay attention to all of the asteroids that can hit you and, of course, cause you damage, but you also need to pay attention tot he smaller asteroids which contain all kind of metals, you can collect them using your big magnet, and when you are back in the workshop you can use all of that metal you have collected in order to upgrade your little spacecraft.Good luck!

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use the MOUSE and arrow keys