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Play free Hide and Orbit - Interstellar Ella Games

Once again you get to have fun with Interstellar Ella and we are sure that we don't need to persuade you to come and try out a new game with her and her friends, this new Hide and Orbit, because you actually get to have a really good time together, Ella is a very special girl and she has a lot to offer and the games with her are definitely very fun and interesting. 

You can even follow the storyline of each game you play with Interstellar Ella and her friends, today in this new Hide and Orbit she is orbiting a planet in the beginning of each game and she wants to get to Mahdu, who is an alien and one of her good friends.

In order to get to Mahdu you get to jump from one planet to the other, but you need to jump at the right time in order to use the orbit and the gravitational pull of each planet in order to move forward. You can jump from planet to planet when you are in the right place of the orbit, but you are not actually jumping on the planets, you are actually just orbiting around them, but you will see exactly what we are talking about when you will actually play this new Hide and Orbit. 

So one more thing which is indeed going to be a fun surprise is that while you are playing this fun Hide and Orbit adventure game with Interstellar Ella, she is also going to tell you fun facts about space, about the planets and our Solar System and we are sure many of you are curious so we of course hope you will have the best time ever with Interstellar Ella and Mahdu in this new Hide and Orbit game. Good luck!

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