Interstellar Ella Special Delivery

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Get ready for an out-of-this-world experience with ""Special Delivery, an amazing game with the lovely Interstellar Ella series. Our team is excited to share this unique game with you because we understand that this series has been missing in the world of gaming. But now, it's finally here adn ready for you! As you join Ella on her interstellar journey, you'll be in charge of a space scooter. 

Use the up and down arrows on your keyboard or simply click on the on-screen arrows to navigate in any direction. Your mission is to collect essential space rocks that the team needs from distant planets and moons. But it's not all smooth sailing in space. You'll need to be careful to avoid treacherous pits and harmful space pollution. These obstacles can cause damage to your space scooter, and if you take too much damage, it's game over! 

With each new course, you'll face even more challenging obstacles, but don't worry; we're confident that you'll rise to the occasion and conquer the cosmic challenges. Are you ready to start your journey through the stars? Take control of your space scooter, collect valuable space rocks, and navigate the celestial terrain with precision and skill. Interstellar Ella is relying on you to complete her special deliveries. 

This is just the beginning of the Interstellar Ella Games series. There are many more exciting games and adventures on the horizon, and we can't wait to share them with you. The best part? All these games are absolutely free! Step into Ella's shoes and experience the thrill of her interstellar adventures. Together, you can explore the universe and accomplish extraordinary missions. 

With the basics explained, you're now ready to set off on your special delivery adventure with Ella. Are you prepared to face the cosmic challenges and help Ella complete her interstellar missions? It's time to start your cosmic journey. Enjoy the game, and stay tuned for more amazing adventures!

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