Finn and the Diamond Forest

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Well you know Finn and Jake, they are two friends who are always adventuring, always walking around their magical world, their cartoons are names Adventure Time for a reason, so with the game we are offering you , you have the opportunity to explore their world too, because the two of them are very friendly and they just can’t wait to play with you and to show you what secrets is their world hiding. In this particular Adventure Time game Finn is a very lucky person, he found something that maybe every human being in the real world is dreaming about, he found a diamond forest, something very rare, something that not even Finn knew it existed, so it’s pretty special that you get to be here now. In this game you can adventure with Finn and help him collect as many diamons as he can carry, because they can be found everywhere, that’s not a problem, a problem is that the Ice King is walking around everywhere, he and a lot of his clones who are set to protect the forest and keep all the treasures for himself. But Finn wants a couple of diamonds too, and you shouldn’t think he is selfish because he wants to take some of the diamonds back to share them with everybody, so you should deffinetely help him. Good luck!

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How to play

Play with your ARROW KEYS to move and jump.