Lemon Break

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In many Adventure Time games Finn gets into all kind of situations and we don’t know how, well some of the time we do, because he tells us , but now in this particular Adventure Time game he doesn’t say anything, he just wants you to help him break the lemons. He seems to be in a strange place where lemons can be found all over the place and he was sent here by the rest of the villagers of the kingdom Finn lives in to gather some lemons because they can’t find any no more. And while he is here, Finn discovers the problem and why lemons don’t grow anymore, because all the lemon sprouts are kept in little cages and they are very sad that they can’t fulfill their destiny’s . But now Finn is here and for him, and for you kids, is not very difficult to free them, you just have to use the panel control and to push some buttons, but don’t worry , Finn will do it, the important thing is that in each level you find all the lemons that are kept in prison and free all of them so they can leave this place. We don’t know who kept this lemons in cages but maybe if you are good enough and you go from level to level you will finaly find out who had such horrible plans.Good luck!

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How to play

Use the ARROW KEYS to move and jump.