Flambo's Hot Mess

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We hope kids that you love the games here on our site because you have to know that we are realy trying our best to surprise you with the most fun games of all times here on our site everyday so you’ll never get bored. We also hope that you like the Adventure Time characters because we sure do and that’s the reason why we are offering new and new games with these awesome characters which are only here to have fun with you, as you can see they are very friendly and they love playing games with you. A very interesting fact about this Adventure Time games is that usually every one of them comes with a little story so you know what happened and this way you can get to them the characters even more than you already do. We know for example that you love Flambo, the little creature who is always on fire, because even though he is a little bit dangerous, he is very well intentioned and doesn’t want to hurt anybody. But unfortunately in this game he somehow managed to put the princesses jelly beans on fire, well the pack in which they came, so know the princess is very upset. But Flambo doesn’t want anybody to be upset because of him so just help him get all the jelly beans he can before everything is burnt. Good luck!

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Play with your ARROW KEYS to move and jump.