Break the Worm

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We know that Finn and Jake live in a magical world where the two of them always end up in the middle of all kind of crazy adventures, but that’s their life and they love going on adventures and having fun together, discovering places in their Adventure Time world where they have never been before and learning about special things that don’t even exist in our world. But this time, in this particular Adventure Time game everything is different because Finn is just dreaming, and you kids have the chance to see that he gets to go on all kind of adventures even when he sleeps, he is so used to his life when he’s awake that his dreams are very similar to his everyday life. Well this time he doesn’t seem to be to thrilled about the idea of this dream because something is not wrong, he is attacked by monsters, well not very scary monsters, but monsters who want to stop him from his way. The fact is kids that you have to help Finn and Jake, if you want to of course and if you consider yourself their friend, because somebody in his dream told Finn that he would escape from this dream he is having if he finds he big worm. But it looks like it is not very easy to be done so help him get through all the obstacles in his way to the big worm. Good luck!

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How to play

Use the ARROW KEYS to move, Z to punch, X to jump, C to switch between special attacks and SPACEBAR to use these special attacks.