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Maybe you have heard before about scrable, a very fun society game which is clearly not very easy and you deffinetely learn something from this game, because anyway you have to have a large vocabulary so you could play this game and really have success, otherwise you are playing it for nothing. So this new Tinkerbell game it’s like scrable, not exactly like it because differences exist and we’ll try in the next few lines explaining and pointing them out so you could have an easier job, but the best way is that if you try the game, because it’s easy to understand it, to have success and to gather a nice score, well that is a little bit harder. So, firstly, all you have to do is choose your favourite fairy : Tinkerbell, who is the main character and usually lots of kids’ favourite character, but not necessarily, anyway you can also choose from her and her friends: Rosetta, Iridesa, Fawn and Silvermist, all nice fairies and we think you will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that you have the chance to play with either of the girls, fairies, because that’s not happening very often. So you will get a box of randomly put letters and your job is to select a minimum of 3 letters that are one near the other to form words. That’s not very easy, but if you concentrate we are sure that you will be great. Good luck!

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