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Play free Bedroom Cleaning - Tinkerbell Games

When it comes to certain things we are sure that our opinion is right, like in the case of cleaning, we know that all of you hate this , cleaning your bedrooms is not something very fun so nobody likes it, and why should it be different when it comes to the characters you can find in the games here on our site. It’s the same in the case of Tinkerbell, even if she is a sweet little fairy, she is not very organized though and that thing it’s surely reflected in her bedroom because it’s a mess. We know that you like Tinkerbell and you are a fan of hers and that means that you are with her in good and bad, but of course a game with her can’t be something bad so even if here you have to help her clean her bedroom , it can’t be boring. If you can’t believe us because you wouldn’t think that cleaning can be fun, well all you have to do is try this Tinkerbell game and you’ll see that all that can change. So even if Tinkerbell is a little upset because it’s time to clean her room, she is also very happy because you want to help her and she knows that this will be a more fun way to do it, all you have to do is choose one of the three actions you can do and help Tinkerbell clean up. If you get stuck us the Hint button,but don’t do it too often. Good luck!

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