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Fairies are the best, they are definetely very cute and if you saw the Tinkerbell movies you can totally say that they are very friendly too, they are nice and they take care of our environment, beside the fact that they are bringing the seasons the fairies are watching over our fauna and flora, at least that’s what they story says. Tinkerbell is one of this very friendly, perhaps maybe the most special of all the fairies, she is a very talented tinker, that’s where she get her name because it suits her very well, but besides being a tinker Tinkerbell is good at many other things, although she is sometimes very clumsy. She loves nature, every fairy loves nature because they ar eliving right in the middle of it, in a very beautiful meadow so they are very attached to plants, and flowers, and beatufiul butterflies and other cute things like that. Because Tinkerbell likes this things very much as well, she would like if her garden would be arranged and every where she goes , every meadow and every little part of grass to be filled with flowers and other stuff, so in this girly and very interesting game you actually have the opportunity to help Tinkerbell decorating her front yard and many other backrounds. Good luck!

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