Tinkerbell Belly Pain

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Here on our site, our fun site, you have the best opportunity to play with lots of characters who love you and all they are waiting for is to play with you, characters that you know as well and we sure hope you will have the best time together. But if you love this games’ characters, it also needs you want them only the best and nothing more and it should mean that you worry is they are sick and don’t feel well, and you have the chance to prove that this is true by treating Tinkerbell who is sick. Altough she is a fairy, that doesn’t mean she can’t get sick and for a couple of days she has some awful stomac pains and she is starting to feel realy worried and starting to get sick of this situation. Tinkerbell needs you to get her to the hospital because she is realy scared to go alone, she hates hospitals, but she needs to make some tests so she would know what’s wrong with her stomac. We hope that you find doctors interesting and they’re work too and you love helping people because in this fun Tinkerbell game you have to be the doctor who cures Tinkerbell, so just listen to the instructions and everything will be fine. Good luck!

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