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You have deffinetely heard before about the Flappy Bird games, it’s impossible that you didn’t because it is a very popular game nowadays and everybody loves it so much that a lot of other flappy games appeared with all kind of other characters so you kids would enjoy the games as much as it is possible with your favourite characters from different cartoons. This time it’s Tinkerbell’s turn, she is a fairy so she can fly so this is not a problem, the real tricky part is that you kids would manange to make Tinkerbell fly for a long distance because that is pretty hard to do. So you have to click the mouse button or to push the spacebar repeatedly to make Tinkerbell flap her wings, that’s the only way of making her fly and you have a short distance to get used to it, and then the columns will show up. There are made out of ballons but passing through them is not very easy because they are coming from the upper and the lower part of the game, so you kids have to be very handy and make Tinkerbell fly right through them every time. We know this won’t be very easy but you just have to stay pacient and to maintain your concentration because it’s the only way to succes. Good luck!

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