Frizzle Fraz 5

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Play free Frizzle Fraz 5 - Adventure Games

Frizzle Fraz 5 is the new game that we encourage you to try right now! Your favorite fluffy creatures are now here in this perfect fun game that will just make your day better! We are sure that you have already played many games with them, but this time they are taking you to Ancient Egypt, a new location that is different from anything before! So allow us to explain to you what you have to do and what this game is about!

You will need to use the ARROW keys to go left and right, and your fluffy creature will jump and bounce here and there. Along the way, you have to collect the furballs. They are your friends, but they lost their color, but as soon as you save them, they will come back to life. This is such a cute thing that you will be the one who saves them and gives them the color back so they can be pretty again!

You have to take them all to the house at the end of each level so you can finish it, while you have to avoid all the obstacles, traps, and enemies along the way, because if you lose your character and all the furrballs, you have to start from scratch. So make sure you are focused enough to pass all the levels and win this game.

Also, if it happens to lose, don't be sad! You can always try again and improve your skills. We are sure you will become a great gamer! Remember that with each level, the game will become harder and more difficult. Make sure you tell all your friends about this new game, play it all together, and have lots of fun! Don't forget to try out many other fun games on our website! Enjoy

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