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Calling all adventure enthusiasts and sea-loving gamers! Prepare to be amazed as we introduce the fantastic "Ringo Starfish", a thrilling platform-adventure game that introduces you into the mesmerizing depths of the underwater world. Brace yourselves for an amazing gaming experience that merges the best of both worlds, platform adventures and aquatic creatures, right here on our website. 

Are you ready to dive into the enchanting adventures of Ringo Starfish online? Hold on tight as we guide you through the controls: utilize the keys W, A, and D for navigating and jumping across the vibrant landscapes, while X or J will serve as your trusty weapons to take down adversaries. And if you're playing on your mobile device, fear not! Simply tap away on your screen to navigate through this captivating underwater world.

Embark on a thrilling journey across various mesmerizing courses, where your mission is to collect as many coins as you can! But beware, treacherous sea monsters lurk in these waters. Instead of confronting them head-on, channel your inner adventurer and jump on top of their heads to eliminate them, or deploy your shooting skills to take them down from a safe distance.

Remember, if any of these sneaky monsters manage to touch you, you'll lose a precious life. So, be extra cautious and safeguard your lives! Aim for an impressive score while you're at it and keep an eye out for hidden treasures, precious diamonds concealed within treasure chests, with three sparkling gems waiting to be discovered in each level.

Your thrilling side-scrolling adventure is about to unfold in the breathtaking depths of Ringo Starfish! Gear up for an unforgettable experience, as you embark on an underwater escapade filled with challenges, rewards, and endless fun. Don't hesitate, take the plunge into this amazing 2D game that promises hours of exhilarating gameplay!

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How to play

Use WAD, X, J.