FNAF against Eater

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Welcome to the thrilling world of sinister mazes and hungry monsters in this exciting game called "FNAF against eater"! Get ready for an adventure where you're on a quest to eat everything in your path while avoiding the scary Huggy Waggies, animatronics, and spooky ghosts. It's a maze full of mysteries, crystals, keys, and unexpected puzzles waiting for you!

Your mission is to gobble up all the stars before those sneaky ghosts and monsters can catch you. Along the way, you'll stumble upon magical crystals that offer you some special powers. The gold crystals give you a temporary shield, while the purple ones can scare away enemies, but be careful, sometimes those baddies are just too ravenous to be scared off, and you might become their snack!

But that is not all! Hidden in unexpected corners of the maze, you'll find puzzles, locked doors, and keys that unlock secret pathways. And watch out for those fiery spots controlled by pressure plates! If you step into the fire, even with a shield, you'll instantly meet your end.

Here's how you play: For computer players, move around using the keys WASD or the joystick that pops up wherever you click your mouse. And for all you mobile gamers, there's a joystick that appears wherever you touch the screen, guiding your movements. Collect all the stars to move to the next level, but remember to grab those crystals! 

The gold ones offer protection, and the purple ones might just save your hide, unless those monsters are super hungry. So gear up, gather those stars, avoid the ghosts and creepy animatronics, and navigate through this maze filled with surprises and challenges. Have a blast and good luck on your journey! But remember, watch out for those hungry baddies and fiery dangers along the way!

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How to play

Use the WASD keys