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We hope you like educational games too because they are very good for you, maybe you don’t realize and you are avoiding them, but just try one and you’ll see that they are just amazing because you have the opportunity to have fun with your favourite characters and in the same time you learn something new, something beneficial for you. So we recomand you to try this very new Kung Fu Panda game which is an educational one because you will have to try to right all kind of words on your keyboard, obviously the words you are shown and instructed to, but don’t be worried because the game is in French cause the words you will have to write are in English and you get all the instructions you need from us, so that’s really not a problem. So you will see that in each round you are shown, at first, only two letters which you have to push on your keyboard very quickly for the game to accept it, and that is the way you will form words. Than the game will become only harder and harder because you will have to push 3 letters very quickly and so on, so just try the game and see how much you can go. Good luck!

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