Po Firework Kart Race

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You know kids what makes Po so legendary, so special and so extraordinary at the same time? He is not just like any other fighter, some strong ninja animal you can find everywhere, no, not his strength, not his power or rezistance made Po what he is, feared by all his enemies. The fact that Po was raised how he was raised by his father, taught all kind of simple, country traditions all of that that makes him different from any other fighter, makes Po special because he has more creativity, he can adapt to every situation, he can make a weapon of everything and he could be very good at handling that weapon , even by mistake, because Po is a very lucky panda as well. So in this new Kung Fu Panda game you have the chance to see just how much imagination Po has got and if you’ve seen the cartoon you know where this is inspired, but anyway, you have to help Po drive his firework kart. This is not at all an usual kart and this is what we were talking about, Po is very creative, and this firework kart is even working, and it does it very well, is fast and can take Po everywhere, you kids just have to help him control it because it’s not that easy for a panda. Good luck!

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How to play

Use the ARROW KEYS to move and SPACE for nitro.