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This new category for example is dedicated to your friends from the animated tv show and movies Kung Fu Panda. We want you to have all the games with your favourite characters from Kung Fu Panda and that is why every day you will have a new and beautiful online game to play with us.

It's going to be a lot of fun starting today here on our website, because we are bringing for you guys the new Kung Fu Panda games that you can play with all of your friends, and you can meet with Po, the main character of this DreamWorks movie series! It's going to be a lot of fun because all the kids from our website love to play with animal characters, and inside the Kung Fu Panda games that we are going to start posting right here on our website.

This is going to be a brand new start for the Kung Fu Panda games because you will see that we already have more than 50 games for free that you can play online. This is a new series of games, which are based on the Kung Fu Panda saga! Kung Fu Panda is an American franchise, which appeared in 2008 with the release of the very first movie which had the same name. The main character of the saga is going to be a huge panda bear called Po, which is struggling his entire life with his identity, because he was adopted, and all his life he dreamt to be a kung fu warrior.

Kung Fu Panda is the original movie, and that's just the beginning of the saga because the first movie with Po as the main character is just the beginning! The movie was a huge success with children all around the world, there were more movies created, each one different than the previous one, and in which you can meet with new characters and new kung fu missions! Kung fu Panda 2 appeared in 2011, Kung fu Panda 3 appeared in 2016 and Kung Fu Panda 4 will appear in 2024! All of these movies are going to have new stories for you, so stay tuned on our Kung Fu Panda games to see them and even live them through each and every one of our games.

The new online Kung Fu Panda games for children are going to be very interesting because each of them are going to be free to play online for children of all ages! You can see that our Kung Fu Panda games are going to be from different genres, and you have the chance to play them all on your computer, mobile phones, tablets and laptops for free online.

Original Panda

We already said that all the Kung Fu Panda games on our website are going to be based on the movies! The very first Kung Fu Panda movie appeared in 2008, and the main character is going to be Po! Your first time meeting with Po will be very interesting because he is a clumsy panda bear that doesn't fit in the community because he was adopted while being a baby by Mr. Ping, a goose who owns one of the best noodle shops in town. Po and his dad live in the Valley of Peace and they both work at the noodle shop. Mr. Ping loves Po very much, and he is dreaming that his son will take over the shop one day, but soon in the Kung Fu Panda movie, you learn that Po is a kung fu enthusiast, and is even practicing kung fu moves in his own time and while working in the noodle shop, which can cause different "turbulences" because of Po's size.

It's time for other characters to appear in the scene of our Kung Fu Panda games, and you can see that there's a kung fu temple, where Grand Master Oogway is the elderly spiritual leader of the Valley, and he is going to host a kung fu tournament in order to pick the next Dragon Warrior of the Valley, which is a kung fu master that has the ability to learn the secrets of the Dragon Scroll, that can give the reader the key to limitless power. At the kung fu temple, there are already five kung fu masters, and everyone is expecting that one of them is going to be the Dragon Warrior, but there's a big surprise coming at the ceremony when Master Oogway picks up Po from the ground.

The five kung fu masters who already live at the temple are Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper, and Crane, which are trained by Master Shifu to protect the valley. Po moves in the temple with his fellow kung fu trainees, which are making a lot of jokes about his size and skills, such as Master Shifu, who doesn't think that he is the true Dragon Warrior. Po is working hard and trains as hard as he can to become the next Dragon Warrior and protect the Valley, but he is still clumsy, and it takes a while until he became a true kung fu warrior. Po and the other Kung Fu Warriors will defeat all the dangers that come to the valley in Kung fu Panda, and you will be able to do the same once you start playing the Kung Fu Panda games from our website.

Kung fu Panda 2

The Kung Fu Panda 2 movie appeared in 2011, and is the continuity of the first movie, in which Po managed to find his powers and fights better and better with the Furious Five! This movie is going to be based on Po trying to find his mother, and everything starts at the end of the first movie when Po started having flashbacks of his town, siblings, and most importantly his mother when he also learned that he was adopted by his father, Mr. Ping.

Lord Shen is the enemy Po and the Furious Five are going to have to go against in the Kung fu Panda 2 games based on the movie! He is trying to create a weapon that looks like a cannon which can help him to conquer all of China and even destroy the kung fu tradition. Po thinks that he was abandoned by his parents and that's why he was adopted by Mr. Ping, but soon enough finds out that his village was attacked, and their parents risked their lives to protect him. Po manages to reach inner peace, which will make him even more powerful and will help him destroy Shen's new weapon.

The end of Kung fu Panda 3 is going to show you a glimpse of the future movie though, so stay tuned for the next story.

Kung fu Panda 3

The final part of the saga is the Kung fu Panda 3 movie. Master Shifu thinks that he does not have anything less to teach Po and the Furious Five, so he steps down from running the Kung fu temple, and leaves the Dragon Warrior in charge, which of course is Po. Oogway thinks that this is the next step in Po's training. General Kai is the villain of this movie, and he returned to the mortal realm after being cast out of this world, and he is trying to collect all the Kung Fu masters from all over China and make them fight in his zombie army.

Po needs to learn a new technique, which is the only thing that can defeat Kai. This technique is called Chi. Po and Li are trying to learn this technique, are trining hard and try to capture Kai when the battle is going to take place. You need to stay close and look after the fighting games with the Kung fu Panda characters right here on our website, and we are sure that you will fall in love with kung fu just like Po did when he was a young panda bear. Have fun!

Who is the main character of Kung fu Panda?

Po is the main character!

What type of animal is Po?

Po is a panda bear.

Does Po have a family?

Po is the last panda bear alive.

Who is the next Dragon Warrior?

Po is the Dragon Warrior.

How many Kung fu Panda movies are there?

Until now, Kung fu Panda, Kung fu Panda 2 and Kung fu Panda 3!

Whan is Kung fu Panda 4 being released?

Kung fu Panda 4 is appearing in 2024.