Paw, Some Panda

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We hope that we don’t need to tell you anymore because you know so well that the main character from the Kung Fu Panda story and games is Po, a panda, of course. But he is a sort of panda you have never seen in your life, or well, you couldn’t see in your life in case you haven’t seen one before.Beside the fact that he is a cartoon, of course, he knows how to fight kung fu stile and that’s not easy for a panda like him. But to learn all the moves he knows…it wasn’t easy, it was very difficult but we managed it because he’s very ambitious, but of course he can never stop learning, Po can never stop practicing because that’s the moment he will start being more and more soft, less powerfull.So in this game of Kung Fu Panda you have the opportunity to practice together with your favourite panda, Po, because sometimes he needs help. All you realy have to do is pay attention to the instructions you are given in the game because that’s the easiest way to find out how can you realy fight. Fortunately , you fight with a doll, a special practicing doll that can never really hit you back, just in case it bounces back and hits you because you aren’t paying attention. So be carefoul and fight the best way you can. Good luck!

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How to play

Use the ARROW KEYS to dodge and SPACE to hit.