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We prepared you children a very new Kung Fu Panda games where fortunately you can have fun with all the characters in the story, but they are with you only spiritualy, because this is not an action, adventure,batlle game where you would need their help. In this game, even if you are with the ninja animals in the story, you are actually on your own because only you can solve the “puzzle” that is given to you. To do that you have to be very attentive, to concentrate and to have a big amount of pacience because your task is to find all the hidden words. You are given in each level a very big box of letters, which seem to be put their without any rules but in fact, if you look very closely, you will find words that are related to the Kung Fu Panda story and everything that happens with the characters. For a little help, which is kind of needed and without it you can’t even succed in this game, in the left part of the big box with letters you are given the words that you have to find and each time you find one, that will be cut so you know not to look for that word anymore. It may be hard but we are confident that you will do great, all you have to do when you find a word is to click on the first and on the last letter of the word. Good luck!

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Use your MOUSE.