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We all know Po who is a panda, a very talented one who’s dream was to become just like one of the great kung fu fighters and his destiny help get his wish come true because he ends up to be just in the right place at the right time and he is given a chance to become a legendary fighter. But this means very much hardwork and dedication and ambition and Po gets used to this new lifestyle very quickly because he does all this practice with passion, but it’s not that easy as it may seem because he rarely has free time. This thing never bothered him because he was very dedicated to make all his dreams come true but this hard working and practicing stuff gets to be a problem when Po finds himself a girlfriend. He loves Kung fu very much, but he loves his girlfriend too and he is very excited about her and he would like to kiss her all the time but that becomes a problem because it seems he isn’t aloud to do it, so he needs your help kids. All you have to do is help Po kiss with his girlfriend, that is not a very difficult thing because they bought want to do is, the tricky part is that thwy have to hide from the rest of the fighters, so be carefoul not to kiss when any other kung fu fighter looks at you. Good luck!

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