Kung Fu Rock Paper Scissors

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Play free Kung Fu Rock Paper Scissors - Kung Fu Panda Games

It’s time for a new Kung Fu Panda game where you have again the chance to have hun with Po, your favourite panda who, even if he is a very good fighter and has lots of responsabilities, he also likes to play a lot because he’s still a child inside, he likes to relax. Fortunately, you kids are his favourite play buddies, so we invite you to play with Po in this new Rock Paper Scissors game. You definitely played this game before with your friends in real life because it is a very popular and very fun game, it’s simple to learn and to play too, we hope that you are excited to play it with your new very good friend, Po. All you have to do is choose from one of the symbols, rock,paper, or scissors and then Po will choose too, and you’ll see you wins. If you don’t know the rules, like what beats what, we will explain it to you so all of you kids can play it without any problems : rock beats scissors, because it smashes it, scissors beat paper of course because it can cut it, and paper beat rock because it can cover it. So know that you know absolutely all you need to know, we wish you luck kids and have fun with your favourite panda, Po. Good luck!

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