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Po always has a lot of problems because now he is a legendary fighter, one of the best and that means that he has a lot os responsabilities, he has to take care of the town which he lives in and the whole world actually from the evil that is everywhere. In this Kung Fu Panda game the nasty wolves have come to Po’s town to steal all the metal they can find because their master, Shenn, a very bad character that seeks destruction everywhere he goes, wants to build a lot of cannons and he doesn’t have the metal he needs to do that. Well the wolves didn’t know in what they are getting into because Po is ready to fight with them and to destroy any of their hopes to steal metal. He has to use his wok fighting skills that he get from his father to hit every wolf that is stupidly brave enough to come closer to Po’s house and try to steal the metal.In this Kung Fu Panda game you have to be as fast as you can and help Po fight all this wolves by hitting them wok style, we trust you that you are capable defending the city from the evil wolves and protect the metal. Good luck!

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How to play

Use your MOUSE to hit wolves.