Fatty Bird

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Prepare for an epic journey with "Fatty Bird", one of the newest and most exciting running and jumping adventures available on our website! This game is seriously awesome, our team had an amazing time playing it, and we're super thrilled to share it with you. Imagine this: there's a bird who absolutely adores donuts, and because it's eaten so many, it's become a little chubby.

 But guess what? A sneaky eagle swooped in and snatched the donuts away! Now, it's up to you to help the bird retrieve its beloved snacks by embarking on a thrilling run, tackling all sorts of obstacles that come your way! Get ready to dive into this fantastic game and let the excitement begin! 

If you're curious to learn more about the game before jumping in, keep reading! We've got some cool info that'll help you enjoy the game even more. It's super easy to play this game, just click the mouse to jump or double jump when you need to leap over obstacles and hazards. 

While you're on your run, collect coins, yummy food, and cool upgrades that can make you faster, more magnetic to goodies, or even give you the ability to soar sky-high, especially when there are huge pools of water to cross. But watch out! There are enemies lurking around, and you'll need to dodge them by hopping over or use a shield to pass through them without a care. 

Good luck on your quest! We hope you soar through the challenges and go as far as you can. I'm really hoping each and every one of you has an absolute blast playing! And if you're looking for even more fun, check out similar games. Share the joy with your pals so they can join in on the excitement and have an amazing time, just like you!

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Use the mouse.