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Avatar the Last Airbender is a new adventure in which Aang, a young warrior is fighting against evil princes. Aang is a kid ninja warrior that can fly, can defeat the fire pits, control water and move earth!


You always can have fun here on our website, where dear kids you can see that starting from today, you will have a great chance to see how you and all of your friends can play with your favorite characters. You will find out today that the new Avatar: The Last Airbender category is going to be available for all the boys and the girls that will be ready to defeat the challenges that the new characters are going to start, and which you guys can try even on your mobile phones and tablets for free.

The new Avatar: The Last Airbender is going to be known shortly as ATLA, or Avatar: The Legend of Aang, because Aang is going to be one of the main characters of the story, and he is going to be present in each and every one of their episodes, stories and video-games that you will see even here on our website starting from today. For you to really enjoy the challenges, you must know the entire story of Aang and the Avatar: The Last Airbender. This animated television series was produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studios, and it was created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. For the first time, Avatar: The Last Airbender appeared on Nickelodeon in 2005. This series appeared for the first time for three seasons, and the last episode appeared on Nickelodeon on July 2008.

This is going to be an Asian themed series, in which you will see that the main character is going to look like a monk, and will have special abilities that children and even adults think that monks could control, and you will see that the Avatar characters are going to have the ability to control classic elements like water, air, fire and earth, which is going to be called bending. The special thing about the main character is that Aang is going to be the only Avatar character that is going to be able to defeat the challenges and the villains because he was able to control all the elements, which is very unique even inside this fictional story. The theme of the Avatar series is going to be very interesting, because for the first time the anime style is going to be combined with the cartoons created in America, and it will look amazing. Aang is going to be the first character that is magical and lives among the normal people, and he is going to work very hard in order to keep the peace and see how they can defeat the challenges together so that the world is going to be safe.

Now that you know a few things about the Avatar: The Last Airbender series, you will have to make sure that you can start to look for each and every one of the Avatar games for children here on our website. All the games are going to be amazing, and you will have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will look through the category and start to look for your favorite challenges. Puzzle games, memory games, coloring games, adventure games, boys games and even kids games with exciting math challenges or educational games for you kids to try even on your mobile phones, tablets, computers or laptops for free online.

Who is Aang

The main character of the series like we mentioned before in this awesome description, you will learn that his name is going to be Aang. What you didn't know until now is that he is just a little boy and has only twelve years old. He is part of the Air Nomads, which is a big nation, but he is the only one that survived through the years and a big war that was going on in the magical world. Aang is not going to be the only one inside the Avatar: the Last Airbender, because you are going to meet with Katara, Sokka and Toph, which are going to be Aang's friends. These characters are going to be named heroes along the series, because you can see that even from the first episode, you will be on their side and make sure that you will manage to defeat the Fire Nation that started a big war against all the other nations in the world. Another important character inside this amazing story is going to be Zukko, which is one of the princes of the Fire Nation, but he is going to be exiled from his Nation, and he seeks to restore his honor, and the main missions to do so is by capturing Aang and give him to the leaders for the nation.

This mission is not going to be very easy, because even though Aang is just twelve years old, he is one of the biggest warriors alive due to his amazing powers, but he is also not going to be alone. Aang is going to be protected almost at all times by his uncle, called Iroh and after a few episodes, by his sister, Azula. It's going to be a lot of fun playing with Aang, Azula, Iroh and all of his friends through the adventures, because you will visit a lot of exciting worlds, places and even magical forests which you will see only here on our website. The games will get you close to the Nation war, and you will have a great time playing with your friends even on your mobile phones and tablets, because it's going to be based on the HTML5 technology.

There are a lot of exciting challenges ready for you to play inside this new series and this new category, in which Aang is going to be of course the main character, and you will have to be sure that in the shortest time, you will manage to solve the puzzles, click the memory cards and be sure that you can match the pictures from inside the series. Inside the adventures, you will go with Aang through the levels of each game and start to fight against each and every one of the warriors from the Fire Nation.

Who is the main character of Avatar: the Last Airbender?

The main character of the series is Aang.

Why was Avatar cancelled ?

The series was not popular enough and fewer people started to watch it.

What race is katara?

Katara is an inuit based character.

Who is Toph?

Toph is Aang's uncle.

Why is Toph blind?

Because Toph relies on sensation in her feet to perform earthbending

How old is Aang?

Aang is twelve years old at the beginning of the series.

Is Aang the most powerful airbender?

Yes, because he is the only one that can control all the elements.