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If you like difficult games and which really tests your skills, well you are at the right place because this new Avatar the Last Airbender game is really difficult to resolve from the first level, you don’t get a break so if you want to be good, you have to be good from the beginning. We hope you are excited for this new Avatar the Last Airbender game because we try our best to surprise you with new and fun games here on out site everyday, our main goal is that you have fun and a very good way of doing this is offering you games with your favourite characters which we know you like a lot. So here, try this new Avatar the Last Airbender game because it’s so much fun, it’s like something you have never tried before, if you are used to fighting games in this category, well know you just have to find Aang. But don’t think that it will be easy, he wants to test your attention, your power to focuse and how good your eyes are because he is kind of a master of disguise and he tries to fool you, disappearing and making a lot of clones from himself. So in one second he is there in the middle of the game, next thing you know 5 more clones of Aang appear and they are swithing positions and this kind of things and when they are done you have to guess which one is the real Aang, which is very tricky, so good luck!

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