Treetop Trouble

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Play free Treetop Trouble - Avatar The Last Airbender Games

You deffinetely know Aang because he is the main character in the Avatar the Last Airbender cartoons and he also appears in a lot of games in this category, but we know that if you are a fan of this cartoons, that means you can love other characters too, like Sokka. He is a very special character too, friend of Aang, he’s strong and smart, he bends water and that is a very special , powerfull weapon, especialy because he knows how to use it. In this particular Avatar the last Airbender game you will meet with Sokka and you have the chance to play with him, well you have to help him because he is in a pretty dangerous situation and the biggest problem is that he is not the only one. He has captured before this game started, but because he is very smart and brave he managed to espace, but the people that kidnaped him are just mad and now Sokka is in an ever worse situation, he is in a race against time to save an entire village full of people because the captors of Sokka are crazy and now they want to blow up this entire village. His mission is not very easy, he’ll have to use all his skills to navigate the precarious and risky treetop hights, but he knows how to do it, the only question is if you kids are ready for this quest. But the hights are not the only danger, he has to dodge the archers’ arrows who are aiming towards him and the relentless pursuit of the freedom fighters’ leader, Jet. He is crazy and wants to eliminate Sokka from the equasion, so be very careful. Good luck!

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How to play

Use the ARROW KEYS to move, SPACEBAR to jump and CTRL to attack.