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Play free Avatar Hangman - Avatar The Last Airbender Games

We know you love the Avatar games and he know you have played a lot of this games because they are all fun, but it’s time for a new game with your favourite characters which is a little different from the others you may have tried. In this game you have to prove that you are good at words and also that you are a fan of the Avatar the Last Airbender cartoon because in order to succed you have to guess different words that are related to the show. We think that the title of the game, Avatar Hangman, is pretty clear about what is the subject of the game,but don’t you worry kids because of course that none of the characters will be hanged for real , they will just get a little durty because Zuko will punish them if you can’t guess the word. So maybe you have played a hangman game before , even in the real world because it’s a much more popular game that here in the virtual world, but now Zuko thaught about it and he absolutely wants to play it with Aang, Katara and Sokka. When you will start you will see a blank in which it should fit a 5-15 letters word that is related to the show. Underneath that, you will see the letters of the alphabet and all you really have to do is push the letters and try to guess which ones you have to use for the word, but be very careful because if you make too many mistakes one of the three characters will be punished. Good luck!

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Use your MOUSE to play.