Black Sun Slege

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Maybe you have playes strategy games before, well this new Avatar the Last Airbender game is a strategy game, and in fact not a very easy one but we are sure that you can think things through in order to make every move perfectly, or at least very good and with a little hard work and dedication even win the battle. You know that Aang and his friends have to do all kind of things because their world is not like ours, there everybody can bend an element, and that means that everybody is strong and power in the wrong hands can be a disaster. So Aang and all his friends have to fight as good as they can in this strategy game which is pretty difficult and maybe if you have played exactly this type of strategy games before it would be a serious help for you. But if not it’s not a problem, we are sure that you will understand very quickly what you have to do and you will do just fine. First you have to decide if you want your little squadron to be like an water bending squadron, an earth bending one or you want the soldiers to be echilibrated because maybe that’s the best way. Than you will see in the game exactly what you have to do, we trust you kids to save the situation once again in this Avatar the Last Airbender game.Good luck!

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