Avatar Escape from the Spirit World

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The world of Aang’s is a very special world where all kind of magical, out of the natural things are happening and you surely know this if you are a fan because after all Aang and all his friends have bending powers, and you don’t see that in the real world we are leaving in. So in the games we are presenting you , you have the chance to discover this fantastic world and also understand Aang better, discover more things about him, like in this game, where Aang the Last Air Bender is so into his meditation phase that his spirit is litteraly leaving his body. This is a very dangerous thing and of course Aang doesn’t want this to happen but he can’t control it, he is to deep in the meditation phase so you have to help him get better. As you see Aang’s body in the lower part of the game, you can see his spirit above his body leaving it, and between them there is a symbol, and also more symbols will float around him. Well your job is to pay attention and get all the identical symbols that are floating around Aang, identical to that which is between he and his spirit, and drag it to his body. If you hurry up and do it right, his spirit will unite with his body again, but you have to be careful. Good luck!

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