Fairies of Fury

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As you know kids, Timmy’s life has definitely changed from the moment that his Fairy Odd Parents appeared in his life, but for the better of course, because these two fairies that are magical are found of Timmy and they have the power to make almost every wish of the little boy come true. But these fact is not always that good because, as we said and as you know it too, Timmy is just a little boy and he never thinks through the wishes he makes, so almost everytime his wish turns into a disaster in real life. Like in this Fairy Odd Parents game, he loves very much his new video game, that is a bit violent, and he wishes that his life was like in that video games, and his Fairy Odd Parents make this wish of his come true, but was these a good idea? You can tell us kids because now he was to fight with all his friends and the winners takes it all, or at least the fame of beating everyone else. You can always choose the character you want to play with and ever the character wich you want to play against from : Timmy, Vicky, Mark and Mr Crocker and as you moveon in the game the list grows bigger. You have to memorize the instructions you receive and use them to beat everyone of your enemies in this fun fighting game. Good luck!

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How to play

Use the ARROW KEYS to move, jump and block, A for punch,S kick. Every player has a special attack.