Battle of Future Bots

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The Fairy Odd Parents, Cosmo and Wanda, are here to help Timmy to have a better life because unfortunately he is ignored by his parents and does not have much friends in school, so his life was pretty sad. Timmy is very lucky to have Cosmo and Wanda because they can fulfill Timmy’s wishes, but he doesn’t always think trough what he is about to say and that gets him into a lot of trouble. This time he was just taking out the garbage, something that everybody has to do now and then, but he hates it and says that he wishes it were the future so robots who do your job existed. He didn’t mean that seriously , we hope, but Wanda and Cosmo heared him and took him into the future where there are planty of robots, even Wanda and Cosmo are fairy-robots, but there is a way bigger problem than taking out the trash. A giant brain has taken over the world, but he is mean an cruel and not smart, as a brain should be, so the two fairies are in big trouble because they are like zombies, the brain is controlling everything around him and Timmy founds himself completely alone.But he is very brave and decides he has to rescue his fairy god parents so he builts a robot , which you must help him with, and then you have to help him fight all the robots all the way to the big brain at last floor in the building. Good Luck!

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How to play

Use the ARROW KEYS to move, Z and X keys to attack and with the SPACE you use the laser attack.