Jingle Bell Jump

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It’s Christmas time and because Timmy was such a good boy all year long his godparents, fairy god parents bought him gifts, the best gifts in the world, but to make things even more interesting and exciting for Timmy they hid this presents in the sky, on clouds, and made this a games, so Timmy has to find them. Of course that the little boy is very excited about this game , he has never travelled to the sky and clouds before, he never jumped so high, never even flied with an airplane so this is just a good way of surprising Timmy because he is very glad about the fact that he has the opportunity to jump through the clouds to get his gifts. But Timmy is a little scared too because of course he will be in the sky, it’s a very long way until the ground and he realy doesn’t want to fall, he is not confident enough on his abilities so you kids realy have to help him. He is your friends kids so we realy hope that you want to help him get his gifts, all you have to do is control him using your mouse and jump from cloud to cloud, but be very carefoul because if you don’t touch the next cloud you will fall down because when you jumpes from a cloud that one disappears. Good Luck!

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