Big Superhero Wish

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As you know children, Timmy just loves using his Fairy God Parents to wish for all kind of stuff, but he never thinks it through so must of the times his wishes turn into big disasters, and he’s the one you has to fix them. In this particular Fairy Odd Parents game, Timmy wished that all his best friends, including himself, turn into super heroes, every little boys dream, but of course every wish has a downside , and so all their enemies became villains. It’s a disaster for the city , of course, but at least the Super Chin Boy can shw off his super powers and save the situation, so everybody would love him, but of course he doesn’t do it for the appreciation, but because it’s the right thing to do. Fortunately, Timmy, we mean, The Super Chin Boy is armed with a special zapping gun that when he points it to the villains, the gun automatically transports them into the villain jail, where they belong. All you have to do in every frame is to use your concentration and shooting skills to zap as many villains as you can, but watch out, don’t shoot Super Chin Boy’s friends, who are also superheroes as he is. Good luck!

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