Whoa, Baby!

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In Dimmsdale, where Timmy lives, are always happening all kind of weird things, about a half is Timmy’s fault because he never thinks about the consequences his actions and wishes can have, but we are in a magical world so strange things can happen without any reason. Like in this game, we don’t know why, nor Timmy, Wanda or Cosmo, but the city is filled with fluffy, adorable, but dangerous bunnies and with delicious but also dangerous ice-creams, and scarry Yettis. It looks like it’s Poof’s fault who is always inventing all kind of ways to annoy Timmy and his Fairy god parents, because Poof never liked fairies and his magic. Of course it’s Timmy’s job to try and help cleaning the city and restoring the peace and harmony from before the invasion, and all you kids have to do is to be courageous and to think you can do it, try to be as skilled as you can, and don’t forget that Wanda and Cosmo will help you get rid of your enemies, you just have to aim correctly. They are magical fairies so they are strong. Good luck!

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How to play

Use ARROW KEYS to move and make Timmy jump, and W and E to make Wanda and Cosmo fling.