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Little boys always have all kind of dreams and wishes, and this is not characteristic only for boy because all kids do the same, they dream about what they will do when they grow up , when you are little the world seams so big and you don’t feel strong enough to accomplish any of your big dreams. But in Timmy’s case all this things change because he is blessed to have two Fairly Odd Parents who are some kind of magical fairies and with the help of their magic wands they can turn every wish of Timmy’s into reality, of course with so limitations. Well in this particular Fairly Odd Parents game Timmy wishes to be a racing pilot so Wanda and Cosmo decide that he deserves this wish to become true so they create all kind of tracks right in Timmy’s house, they offer him a nice little formula 1 car and off he goes. The best thing about this game kids is that you can decide what type of game you wanna play and more than that, you can always decide what type of track you wanna race on and that’s a very good thing because this way you will never get bored. Good luck!

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