Timmy and Jimmy Power Hour 2

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Play free Timmy and Jimmy Power Hour 2 - Fairly OddParents games

Are you ready for a new extra fun game here on our site? Well we hope you are ready for another adventure because here it goes, and it is a surprise this Fairy Odd Parents game because you can play either with Timmy, or with Jimmy Neutron, which you may know from the animated children series or from games. The two of them are not very similar, but their age is, and in this adventure game they have to get together and fight together to save mankind. All started when the dezaster happened, we don’t exactly know how, but all kind of bad fairies attacked the Earth and brought only misery because they made a spell together and now humans are doomed to live Friday 13 th every day, and that’s not a very good day for nobody. But the two boys know they have to fight and save everybody from this sad destiny and all you kids have to do is select the difficulty level, then with who of the two boys you wanna play and who’s city you want to save first and then just fight against all the bad luck like black cats, but the most important thing is to destroy all the bad fairies. Good luck, you’ll need it!

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How to play

Use the ARROW KEYS to fly, B to punch and SPACEBAR for bombs.